Who this store is for

Her Store NZ was set up so that women could have an avenue to find tried and tested remedies for common health problems.  Because I have had a chronic illness all my adult life (Interstitial Cystitis) I spent hours and hours searching support groups for remedies. The best advice and treatments I found were always from other women (you can read my story here). Women dealing with similar issues to me. Most of the successful treatments were natural home remedies. At times I struggled to find the recommended products. I thought it would be great to have a New Zealand based website where women could get advice from other women. A site where they could purchase highly recommended products.

My Philosophy

Her Store NZ aims to support New Zealand businesses where possible and to provide natural home remedies. All products on this site will have been highly recommended by other women. Women supporting women with intimate health issues. Therefore, you can feel rest assured that no product will ever be put on this site unless I truly believe in it. 

My Goals

My main goal is to provide a platform for women to be able to share treatments and products that have worked for them.  This will be achieved through our Facebook page discussions, product reviews, and opinion polls. Because of your recommendations, we will be able to confidently suggest products to other women. With the ultimate aim of improving their quality of life through natural treatments for intimate health issues. Her Store NZ aims to make it easier for women to be able to access these products discretely in one online store. Saving the embarrassment of discussing your intimate issues in a public environment like a health shop or Pharmacy.

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