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My journey with Interstitial Cystitis and why I set up Her Store NZ

This page is about my journey with Interstitial Cystitis and why I set up Her Store NZ. All of my adult life I have been plagued by UTI’s. My diagnoses came later in life but I have a condition known as interstitial cystitis which makes me very susceptible to UTI’s. The first half of my adult life was spent in and out of the doctor’s rooms and A an E clinics. I finally got a diagnosis for interstitial cystitis which gave me a reason for my issues. In a nutshell, interstitial cystitis means that the lining of my bladder is faulty and is easily inflamed causing a lot of pain and discomfort and making me very susceptible to UTI’s. Constant anxiety about getting a UTI and the pain of  UTI’s was affecting my life.

Weekly use of antibiotics was concerning me.

Over the years I learned to manage my condition, but it meant being on antibiotics weekly to prevent getting a UTI. I still did get them but not nearly as much. However, there was concerned about the effect all these antibiotics were having on my immune system. As I started perimenopause my symptoms worsened.  Internet research became an obsession as I tried to find another way of preventing the use of antibiotics. That is when I discovered a product that was not available in New Zealand or Australia.

Uqora, I ordered this product from America and it worked for me. It has meant that I can stay off the antibiotics and prevent my UTI’s naturally. So I decided to set up an online store for women (Her Store NZ). A forum where women could seek help for some of those more intimate and often embarrassing body issues.

 I no longer get UTI’s and I am here to help you.

UTI’s are a thing of the past for me now, but I would love to help other women break the antibiotic cycle too. I hope you enjoyed learning about my journey with Interstitial Cystitis and why I started up Her Store NZ.

Welcome! I am so glad you found us.

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