Light Bladder Leakage Midi Briefs

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Your everyday light bladder leakage brief!

Supporting you through that everyday cough, laugh, sneeze and lift. Patented sealed seams for no leaks, anti-odor for no smell and moisture-wicking so you feel dry.

This LBL underwear may also be used for periods! and the great thing is they just look like normal briefs. No one will need to know your little secret. The midi brief absorbs 40ml (8 teaspoons).


Light Bladder Leakage Briefs - so what are they?

What makes these knickers so magic? It is there super comfortable inbuilt 5 ultra-thin layer technology. The moisture-wicking inner layer, antibacterial & anti-odor layers and a leak-proof barrier so you can stay confident and leak-free.

Composition:Outer: Nylon/Elastane
Gusset: Polyester
Padding: Cotton/Polyester with PU Lamination (Exclusive of trims)

Care Instructions: Washable, reusable & easy to care for. Wash before wearing. Cold delicate machine washes with like colors. Do not add softener. Avoid soaking. Bleach will damage the color. Tumble drying is to be avoided if you want your briefs to last. Line drying is the best option.

How does this underwear actually work? It’s all thanks to 5 layers of protection

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"8 – 10", "10 – 12", "12 – 14", "14 – 16"

1 review for Light Bladder Leakage Midi Briefs

  1. Emma

    These are a very nice fit and look nice aswell. There comfortable enough to wear all day and I dont think anyone would be able to tell they are special undies if they saw them hanging on your washing line. I think these would be useful towards the end of a pregnancy when babies start to kick your bladder

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